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How to Trade in Your Vehicle

So you have a car but not the one you want? Your current vehicle doesn’t match your lifestyle needs? We at Buyer’s Choice know that trading in your car can seem like a daunting thing to do, but just follow these easy steps and you can be on your way to getting the car you really want!

Value Your Trade

The first thing to do when looking to trade your vehicle is finding out what it’s worth. There are hundreds of ways and resources to do this. At Buyer’s Choice we make it easy and convenient to take this first step with our online trade value form. All you have to do is submit the details and information on your vehicle and we will let you know based on these factors what it’s worth.

Find Your New Vehicle

If you want to trade your vehicle you need to have your new car selected. Use our online inventory to search through our available vehicles. If you don’t see something your looking for, that’s okay. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can find the vehicle quickly and have it brought here in just 3 days!

Close the Deal

Once you’ve assessed what your vehicle is worth and selected your new ride, all that’s left to do is close the deal. You can speak with one of our amazing and understanding staff to help you negotiate a fair price and finance your new vehicle. Be sure to ask us any questions you may have. Once all the paperwork is completed, you can join the ranks of our satisfied customers and drive off the lot in the vehicle that is truly right for you!

Are you ready to trade in your car? Give us a call at 843-225-7044 , visit us online or stop in and see us at 902 N Main Street in Downtown Summerville.

New Year, New Ride

A New Year holds promise of new possibilities, new endeavors and the chance to change our perspective. Regardless of whether you felt that last year was a great year for you or a not-so-great one, it’s time to leave 2017 in the dust! We at Buyer’s Choice are racing into 2018 with high hopes for the future.

Right now is a great time to buy a car and start the year fresh without the problems and worries of your old vehicle. If you want to get 2018 started off on the right foot (or should we say wheel) Buyer’s Choice is where you want to be.

Here’s a few reasons why Buyer’s Choice is a great place to find your new set of wheels for 2018:

No Dealer Fees

We know that cars are already a serious financial obligation. We don’t charge you extra “dealer fees” when you shop with us. It saves you money, saves everyone time, and shows you that honesty and integrity are important to us.

Credit Approval

So you’ve been turned down from dealerships because you can’t get the credit approval you need? Come talk to us! We work with you to find a vehicle that you want with a monthly payment that’s feasible.

Friendly Helpful Staff

Buyer’s Choice has many loyal and returning customers. Both Doug and Larry receive praise in our reviews consistently for their friendly demeanor and helpful attitudes. Our staff cares about putting you in the right vehicle, not just any vehicle.  

Unlimited Selection

While we may not have every car on the lot, we can get just about any car in as little as 3 days. Our full inventory is on our website, so you can easily search for your dream car. If you can’t find it, you can make a request to us all from the comfort of your own home.

Think it’s time to make your move on buying a car? Give us a call at 843-225-7044 or visit our website.   

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Car Enthusiasts

The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to find the “oh so perfect” gift for all your friends and family. We at Buyer’s Choice know that every family has at least one car enthusiast. So why not get them something for their favorite hobby? We’ve put together a wishlist of holiday gift ideas that will get any car lover's heart racing. Take a look!

A Consumer Reports Subscription

For the car enthusiast, staying on top of the stats and ratings for the cars they love is important. Consumer Reports not only has the skinny on pretty much every vehicle ever made but they’ve also got information on just about every type of product you can imagine.

There are both online and mail order subscriptions available. Online subscriptions are $35 a year which is a great price to pay for unlimited access to all the information you can reach with their platform.

Car Care Kit

Another great gift for the car lover in your life is car kit! You can find these at any store with an automotive section. Car care kits usually come with a variety of quality cleaning and detailing supplies for both the interior and exterior of a car. Chances are that your car enthusiast makes the time to ensure their car always looks it’s best, so they’ll be thankful for new supplies!

Vintage/Antique Memorabilia

Great idea for the car lover who already seems to have everything they need for their vehicle. Take a trip to an antique or thrift shop near you! You’d be surprised what cool things you can find!

Many automotive brands and companies produced metal signs for advertising that can now be found in just about any antique shop. There are also plenty of toys or display items that companies produced with their brand name on them. An antique shop is the best place to go to find a unique gift they’re sure to love.

A Gift Card to their Favorite Auto Parts Store

It’s no secret that cars require maintenance and improvements to keep them on the road. Giving your car enthusiast a gift card to an auto parts store gives them a chance to purchase that special piece or part that they’ve been wanting! Hint: if you can find out what that special item is, you can buy it yourself for an even better surprise and skip the gift card!


There are hundreds of great products out there that can make driving an even better experience. Interior covers for the seats and steering wheel can make all the difference when it comes to comfort during long drives. There are even seat covers that double as massage chairs!

Floorboard mats, additional mirrors that reduce blind spots, center console and seat back organizers, and dashboard mounts for phones are all great gifts that any car lover would appreciate!

Think your car enthusiast would like a new car instead? Give us a call at Buyer’s Choice at 843-225-7044.

How to Prep Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is almost here, and although we rarely get snow in the Charleston area, the cold temperatures can be enough to spark up issues with your car. It’s important to take the time to ensure your car is prepped and ready before the cold sets in. Buyer’s Choice wants you to be safe this winter so we’ve made this winter prep checklist. Check it out!


Be sure you keeping a close eye on your tire pressure! You should be checking it each month, especially in the winter months. The cold can cause your tire pressure to drop and bring unnecessary wear to your tires.

If you notice your tires need air, many gas stations have it for free and a lot of garages will inflate your tires for little to no charge. Finding the


The cold weather can be harsh on your battery and can impede or halt its performance. Having your battery checked by a mechanic can prevent you from having to jumpstart your car after a night that was just a little too cold.

If your battery isn’t in top condition, buying a new one may be best and save you time and worry. Invest in a pair of jumper cables that way you can start your car or help out another driver in a pinch.

Windshield and Wipers

Be sure that your defroster is working properly, that your wipers are in good condition and don’t need replacing, and check/refill your washer fluid with a fluid rated for freezing temperatures.

Check the windshield for any cracks or damages as these could get worse quickly with cold temperatures. Have a professional check over anything you may find to make sure it doesn’t need replacing.


Along with checking your wiper fluid. You should also be checking your oil and coolant. Be sure that both are topped up or replace them if need be. Make sure that the coolant has a correct antifreeze/water ratio.

This is really important so that your radiator doesn’t freeze! Some mechanics may recommend switching to a thinner oil for winter, however you should consult them first if you think it’s the right option for your vehicle.

Emergency Kit

If you follow this list of check up’s you should be fine for the weather ahead, however it’s important to have an emergency kit on stand by just in case. Although an emergency situation is less than ideal, this kit can be very helpful should you find yourself in one.

The kit should include a blanket, flashlight, leather gloves, ice scraper/brush, warm hat, bag of sand or kitty litter to help with traction in case you’re stuck, snacks, a small shovel and an extra container of correctly mixed coolant.

We want you to be as safe as possible on the road and that starts with the right vehicle.

If you aren’t sure that your car can make it through another frigid winter give us a call at Buyer’s Choice at 843-225-7044.

Holiday Travel Tips

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but you have to get there first! Whether your road trip to Grandma’s house is 3 hours or 13, you’ll want to be sure your vehicle is running right.

We at Buyer’s Choice know that your car and time are valuable so we’ve compiled a list of Holiday Travel Tips to make your travels this holiday season as easy as possible.

Service your Vehicle

Make sure that your car’s oil and fluids are topped up. Be sure your tires are safe and your brakes are good. If your trip is going to be putting a lot of miles on your car, check to see when your next oil change is due. If it’s soon, it’s best to get the oil changed before making your trip. If you need to get your oil changed, be sure that they rotate the tires and check your brake pads.

Make a Quick Trip to the Carwash

Cleaning your car out in preparation is also a good idea. Take your car through the carwash and vacuum it out. Remove all trash and items that are unnecessary. Having a freshly cleaned car will help to put your mind at ease and feel less stressed when you’re packing the car and getting ready to leave.

Map it Out

If you don’t have a GPS or smartphone make sure you’ve got the directions you need. Be sure to look over all your options and choose accordingly. Print them out and make an extra copy!

If you do have a smartphone, there are plenty of apps that give directions. Apple Maps and Google Maps are pretty standard but there are other apps like Waze that offer additional features besides directions.

Use Your Resources

Waze is a community based app that relies on input from others within the app to give you real time updates and alerts about your route. It can tell you when you’re approaching police, road hazards, accidents or traffic jams. It can also direct you to the cheapest gas station near you. Gas Buddy is another great app that compares gas prices around you to show you the cheapest. Both apps are helpful and free!

Time it Right

Make sure that you leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. If possible, avoid leaving at peak travel times. If you hop on the highway at 5pm to start your trip, chances are you’re going to hit both holiday and work traffic. The early morning and after rush hour are better options. Also be sure that you consider the timing of your total trip, noting if you’ll be near any large cities with traffic you may want to avoid and plan accordingly.   

We hope that your holiday season is filled with joy, family and as little traffic as possible. If you aren’t sure that your vehicle can make the trip to Grandma’s this year, come see us at Buyer’s Choice and talk to us about getting into any one of our awesome pre owned vehicles.

At Buyer’s Choice we do our best to provide quality pre owned vehicles at reasonable prices, regardless of the current state of your credit. Call us at 843-225-7044.

The Best Used Cars for Your Teen Driver

Do you have a newly licensed teen in your life? While the thought of your teen being able to drive on their own can be nerve wracking, there are lots of things you can do to keep them safe on the road without being in the passenger seat. At Buyer’s Choice, we understand the importance of safety and utility when purchasing a new vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best used cars for new teen drivers. Take a look!

Honda Accord

The Accord deserves to be first on this list for it’s solid ‘best all around’ reputation. For years the accord has been awarded 5 star safety ratings making it an obvious choice for your teen. In addition, the car is one of the most fun to drive in it’s class and has a spacious, comfortable interior with consistently high ratings in fuel economy and affordability. Models from 2008 on and with 4 cylinders come the most highly recommended.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion gets better and better each year and has respectable rankings in safety, handling, reliability, fuel economy and affordability. If your teen is active in extracurriculars the Fusion is a good choice. With a spacious trunk and interior there’s plenty of room for equipment, teammates, and everything in between. Hybrid models that are from 2010 and later with 4 cylinders are recommended.

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is a competitive midsize sedan. Over the years the interior of the car has gotten more spacious for both front seat and back seat passengers. The trunk is also spacious and the European design is known for it’s smooth handling and appealing design. Good fuel economy, high ranking in crash safety and a quiet comfortable ride are also great perks of driving home a Passat. The price range is also very reasonable. Non V6 models from 2006 on are most recommended.

Subaru Forester

Although the subaru is a little more on the pricy side for a teen’s first car, it’s place on this list is secured in the fact that it has superb gas mileage and safety features. This midsize SUV also has a nice spacious interior. If your teen has younger siblings that you want them to start helping transport now, the Forester is a great option. Also, any teen that has an adventurous side will appreciate the Forester’s utility features. Non Turbo models from 2009 or later come most recommended.

Toyota RAV4

RAV4’s consistently rank in top spots among small SUV’s. Safety features are great and rank highly and the car’s interior is well liked by it’s owners. This SUV is on the small side but  packed with great features across a large range of models. The RAV4 is also highly and consistently praised for its handling abilities and is reported to drive smoothly and swiftly. Models with 4 cylinders made after 2004 are most recommended.

If you have a teen who's ready for a set of wheels give us a call at 843-225-7044. Buyer's Choice can get almost any car within 72 hours if it's not already on our lot. We care about you and your family and know that a quality vehicle is important. Give us a call and let us help you find the right one.


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