The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to find the “oh so perfect” gift for all your friends and family. We at Buyer’s Choice know that every family has at least one car enthusiast. So why not get them something for their favorite hobby? We’ve put together a wishlist of holiday gift ideas that will get any car lover's heart racing. Take a look!

A Consumer Reports Subscription

For the car enthusiast, staying on top of the stats and ratings for the cars they love is important. Consumer Reports not only has the skinny on pretty much every vehicle ever made but they’ve also got information on just about every type of product you can imagine.

There are both online and mail order subscriptions available. Online subscriptions are $35 a year which is a great price to pay for unlimited access to all the information you can reach with their platform.

Car Care Kit

Another great gift for the car lover in your life is car kit! You can find these at any store with an automotive section. Car care kits usually come with a variety of quality cleaning and detailing supplies for both the interior and exterior of a car. Chances are that your car enthusiast makes the time to ensure their car always looks it’s best, so they’ll be thankful for new supplies!

Vintage/Antique Memorabilia

Great idea for the car lover who already seems to have everything they need for their vehicle. Take a trip to an antique or thrift shop near you! You’d be surprised what cool things you can find!

Many automotive brands and companies produced metal signs for advertising that can now be found in just about any antique shop. There are also plenty of toys or display items that companies produced with their brand name on them. An antique shop is the best place to go to find a unique gift they’re sure to love.

A Gift Card to their Favorite Auto Parts Store

It’s no secret that cars require maintenance and improvements to keep them on the road. Giving your car enthusiast a gift card to an auto parts store gives them a chance to purchase that special piece or part that they’ve been wanting! Hint: if you can find out what that special item is, you can buy it yourself for an even better surprise and skip the gift card!


There are hundreds of great products out there that can make driving an even better experience. Interior covers for the seats and steering wheel can make all the difference when it comes to comfort during long drives. There are even seat covers that double as massage chairs!

Floorboard mats, additional mirrors that reduce blind spots, center console and seat back organizers, and dashboard mounts for phones are all great gifts that any car lover would appreciate!

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