Winter is almost here, and although we rarely get snow in the Charleston area, the cold temperatures can be enough to spark up issues with your car. It’s important to take the time to ensure your car is prepped and ready before the cold sets in. Buyer’s Choice wants you to be safe this winter so we’ve made this winter prep checklist. Check it out!


Be sure you keeping a close eye on your tire pressure! You should be checking it each month, especially in the winter months. The cold can cause your tire pressure to drop and bring unnecessary wear to your tires.

If you notice your tires need air, many gas stations have it for free and a lot of garages will inflate your tires for little to no charge. Finding the


The cold weather can be harsh on your battery and can impede or halt its performance. Having your battery checked by a mechanic can prevent you from having to jumpstart your car after a night that was just a little too cold.

If your battery isn’t in top condition, buying a new one may be best and save you time and worry. Invest in a pair of jumper cables that way you can start your car or help out another driver in a pinch.

Windshield and Wipers

Be sure that your defroster is working properly, that your wipers are in good condition and don’t need replacing, and check/refill your washer fluid with a fluid rated for freezing temperatures.

Check the windshield for any cracks or damages as these could get worse quickly with cold temperatures. Have a professional check over anything you may find to make sure it doesn’t need replacing.


Along with checking your wiper fluid. You should also be checking your oil and coolant. Be sure that both are topped up or replace them if need be. Make sure that the coolant has a correct antifreeze/water ratio.

This is really important so that your radiator doesn’t freeze! Some mechanics may recommend switching to a thinner oil for winter, however you should consult them first if you think it’s the right option for your vehicle.

Emergency Kit

If you follow this list of check up’s you should be fine for the weather ahead, however it’s important to have an emergency kit on stand by just in case. Although an emergency situation is less than ideal, this kit can be very helpful should you find yourself in one.

The kit should include a blanket, flashlight, leather gloves, ice scraper/brush, warm hat, bag of sand or kitty litter to help with traction in case you’re stuck, snacks, a small shovel and an extra container of correctly mixed coolant.

We want you to be as safe as possible on the road and that starts with the right vehicle.

If you aren’t sure that your car can make it through another frigid winter give us a call at Buyer’s Choice at 843-225-7044.